Mysterious menus, undisclosed locations, new take on New Orleans 'secret' dinner events

The New Orleans Advocate • Mar 3, 2017
A new series of dinner events will soon debut in New Orleans with well-known chefs at the helm but many other details kept secret until the meal unfolds.

Savor is a new concept from the Spears Group, a New Orleans-based marketing firm that has lately been expanding in the realm of food events.

Savor dinners will be led by a changing roster of guest chefs at what organizers call “undisclosed, nontraditional, exclusive venues.” Attendees will learn their destination closer to the event, while the menu will be kept under wraps until diners arrive. The company plans to begin with four events per year in New Orleans and expand to other cities in 2018.

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Savor Experiential Dining Series To Launch In New Orleans This Spring

Biz New Orleans • Mar 3, 2017
On Saturday, March 25, the Spears Group will introduce Savor, a new addition to its event portfolio, which includes Diner en Blanc, the Fried Chicken Festival and The Millennial Awards.

Savor is an elusive, high-end dining opportunity that targets adventurous consumers interested in culinary experiences, Spears reps said. Savor, a fully immersive experience of flavors, spirits, spaces, entertainment and more, will occur four times a year in New Orleans and will expand beyond New Orleans in 2018. Additionally, Savor will partner with Liberty's Kitchen to provide students with opportunities to work with and learn from high-caliber executive chefs.

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Secret dinners bring together top chefs • Mar 6, 2017
On March 25, chef Phillip Lopez of Root and Petit Lion and chef Tariq Hanna of the sweet shops Sucre are cooking a dinner together. Where? No one will say.

The dinner is the launch of Savor, a seasonal series that will feature local and national chefs.

The location, which will not be a standard dining venue, will be revealed 48 hours before the night. The menu, which is aimed at "adventurous eaters," is a secret until the guests arrive.

Savor is produced by the Spears Group, which also runs the new Fried Chicken Festival and Dinner en Blanc.

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Local group launches Savor dining series • Mar 3, 2017
A local marketing group known for putting on the annual pack-your-own-picnic Diner en Blanc event and last summer's inaugural Fried Chicken Festival is tackling a new food concept: High-end dinner events held at undisclosed locations.

The Spears Group launches the new series, Savor, March 25 with chefs Phillip Lopez and Tariq Hanna at the helm.

The dinners are described as a “luxury dining experience that targets food connoisseurs and adventure seekers.” Four themed dinners prepared by different chefs will take place in March, June, September and January. The events will seat approximately 250 people each and take place at locations disclosed a couple of days prior to the event. Guests will receive notice of the location and, possibly, hints about the menu, says president of the Spears Group and Savor founder Cleveland Spears III.

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